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The Rabbids third video game of their own and fifth appearance in a video game, the crazy bunnies are up to their old antiques, but this time using them to change history using the help of a time machine, made using a washing machine. Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time is rated E10+ for Alcohol Reference, Crude Humor and Cartoon Violence by the ESRB.


The Rabbids, somehow, discovered a time-travelling washing machine and end up figuring out how to go back in time. After going to 100'000 BCE to meet a Neanderthal, ending up in 2500 BCE and accidentally destroying the Sphinx' nose, ruining a knight's lovelife in 1000 AD, helping Beethoven find a rhythm for his new sympathy in 1805 but severely injuring his hand, stopping a punk rock star from destroying his guitar in 1989 and destroying a museum's display of ancient pots in 2012, the Rabbid then finds his way into the museum and starts destroying more artifacts, playing dance, singing or quiz challenges an going back in time to change history for the better of the Rabbids. Eventually, after changing enough history, the Rabbids acquire a gold washing machine for their time-travelling purposes. Also their leader might lose it again when the Rabbids get back!


Unlike the last game, Travel in Time returns to its original party feel. The creators of the game stated that the game would have more depth and said that it would be "waggle-free," meaning that the game would not be all about shaking the Wii remote. The game takes place in a large history museum. Unlike pointing and clicking, the player moves around in the museum and interacts with it. There are 6 doors at the top of the museum, each leading into a different type of gameplay. The spring door leads to the Bouncearium, the aim door leads into the Shootarium, the plane door leads to the Flyarium, the toilet paper door leads to the Runarium, the Wii remote door leads to the Hookarium, and the Rabbid door is a random door that leads to a random door. The Boucearium is played in 2D and involves the Rabbids jumping around on rubber platforms. The Shootarium has the players shooting toilet brushes and grabbing the players Rabbids and tossing them. The Flyarium has the players flying around by moving their Wii remote and knunchuck up and down to fly in the air. The Runarium has the players either tethered by toilet paper or by themselves and running around and picking up objects. The Hookarium requires the Wii Plus and involves the players picking up their Rabbid and tossing it into water to catch things.

E3 Trailer

In the trailer, there were 4 Rabbids using the time machine, which was a washing machine. In the trailer, the Rabbids first encounter a cave man trying to light a fire by rubbing a stick in a pile of leaves. The cave man doesn't make any progress to lighting the fire. One of the Rabbids pulls out a lighter, lights it, and the cave man see's it. Fascinated by it, the Rabbid teases him by slowly moving away. The time machine then starts and the 4 Rabbids are sent forward in time. The fire got onto a stick and the cave man picked it up, fasciniated by it. The Rabbids then arrive at the construction of the Sphinx. A worker is hammering the Sphinx's nose. The Rabbid, still holding the lighter, accidentally sets fire to the workers butt. The worker panicks and accidentally breaks the nose. The worker turns around in anger and sees the Rabbids. The Rabbids, not knowing what they did, take heroic poses. The worker charges at them and the Rabbids run away. The Rabbids jump onto a hanging pole and the worker trips. The workers hammer flies out of his hand and hits the machine. The machine starts up and sends the rabbids, again, forward in time. They then arrive in a cave, holding onto a metal object being hoisted up. Above them is Sir Arthur pulling the sword. A grannie is behind a tree, looking at him. Sir Arthur makes several attempts to pull out the sword, but with the Rabbids weighing it down makes it impossible to lift. He then gives up and walks away. The grannie walks up to the sword and leans on it. Back in the cave, 3 of the Rabbids let go of the sword and one falls onto the time machine. The machine falls on one of the Rabbids and it activates. The machine turns on and transports the Rabbids. One of the Rabbids was still holding the sword and an electric shock traveled up the sword and zapped the grannie. She then pulls out the sword. A book appears and it shows a picture of Sir Arthur pulling out the sword. It then changes to the grannie pulling out the sword and the 4 Rabbids are at the side of the photo. It then shows the title of the game. It then goes to the time space continuom. 3 of the Rabbids are outside of the machine. It then goes slow and one of the Rabbids are hit with a toilet brush. It then returns to its normal speed and they disappear.


Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time was Given mixed reception by critics.Nintendo power gave it a 6.5/10 While official nintendo magizine gave it a 40/100 and game style gave it a 7/10

Minigames and Bosses


- I: Titanic on the Rocks: Collect the most beans, 1912

- II: Quest for Fire: Be the last survivor, 400,000 BC

- III: Holly-Bollywood: Smash the most bricks, 1923

- IV: Assembling-bling-line: Match the blocks to their same colour, 1908

- V:World 1 Boss Ice Ice Maybe: Be the last survivor, 100,000 BC


- I: The Great Uranium Rush: Shoot the most rocks, 1799

- II: Flatulating the Moon: Destroy the opponent's ball, 1969

- III: Bozo the Sphinx: Build the pyramid of your colour, 2500 BC

- IV: World 2 Boss Caesar Salad: Shoot the Rabbids, 44 BC


- I: Dim Flash of Inspiration: Collect the most balloons, 1750

- II: Apollo-Soyuz Sauce: Win the race, 1975

- III: Mount Rushmuck: Win the race, 1939

- IV: Christopher Corrumpus: Keep the barrel the longest, 1492

- V: Way-Over Layover: Collect the most points, 1903

- VI:World 3 Boss Mona Leads-da Way: Win the race, 1506


- I: Merlin the Embroiller: Collect the brush or the sword, 520

- II: 1929: Crash, Boom, Bang!: Collect the most points, 1929

- III: Bunny Express: Win the race, 1861

- IV: Cave Paintings: Paint the walls with your colours, 32,000 BC

- V: World 4 Boss HowDyaLikeDemApples?: Collect the most points, 1665


- I:Undewater you doing? :Collect the most points, 2.58 million BC

- II:Statue of Libert'Air: Win the race, 1886

- III: World 5 Final Boss Square Wheel:Collect the most points, 3000 BC


In order to be able to change history, you must first beat the minigame. Once you beat the minigame, you might be left with a choice of choosing purple objects or orange objects (Caesar Salad, Survival Minigames). Sometimes you must pick either orange team or purple (The Great Uranium Rush, Assembling-bling-line) or choose whichever color during or at the end of the level(Merlin the Embroiler). Other times you must be closest to a certain color or on a certain side (Flying Races, Christopher Corrumpus, Dim Flash of Inspiration). The choice to change history last mentioned, choosing a side during the minigame, is the hardest because the player has a hard time finding out which side they must be on.

To change history for the better of the Rabbids, always choose the purple side. If you keep history as it is, choose orange.

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