Racket Jump is an arcade bonus game in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. In the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC versions, Rayman must get 9,000 points. However, in the Gamecube version, the player must get just 1,000 points.


In Racket Jump, the player takes control of a Hoodlum, (a Grim Keeper, to be specific) to play tennis against another Hoodlum. The player is always in control of the Hoodlum in the front-most court. Serves alternate after each score, and the player must get to 40 before the opponent (score four times). Losing five games results in the player losing the match. Winning five games, however, will result in the player winning the match. At the bottom of the screen are two bars, one red, one yellow. The red one represents the player; each time the player loses a match, the bar decreases by a fourth. This is the same for the opponent, except using the yellow bar.