The Rabbinator is a piloted robot created by the Rabbids. It was used by the rabid kid to eliminate Rayman.
Rrr2 wallpaper52 1024

The Rabbinator


The Rabbinator is a larger robot rabbid with a black leather, soldier belt, sunglasses and a plunger gun. The robot is piloted by the kid rabbid which the cockpit is surrounded inside the belly, the cameras are hidden in the sunglasses, it has a shield generator that blocks plungers.


The Rabbinator confronted Rayman as the rabbid army came by to protect it, Rayman turned the missile with a plunger as it hit the Rabbinator that disabled it's shield, Rayman shot plungers 3 times at the belly, the Rabbinator then began to shut down completely, the rabbid kid popped up and complained in failure.

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