Rabids Go Home is the 4th installment in the Rabbids' mini-seires.


The rabbids sleep on light post and without enough room two rabbids plan to get to the moon. They do not remember where they came from, and seeing the Moon up in the nightsky, decide to collect everything they can find in order to build a gaint tower leading to the moon example(clothes pets large objects etc.). In this game, humans actually appear and exterminators are the main enemies. The humans in the trailer strongly resemble Miis, custom avatars made for the Wii console. The rabbids even steal peoples clothes, as seen in one scene where President Obama in giving a speech, while the rabbids zoom passed the screen and steal all his clothes(Except for his underwear, which are pink.)Since this game is the last rabbid game, Rayman does not appear at all, and the whole game is based solely on the Rabbids trying to get "home".

The Trailer:


  • The rabbids forgot they came from holes in the ground.

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