Purple Notes are enemies from Rayman (game). They are small notes that fly to the left towards Rayman with
Purple Note

Purple Note in Rayman Advance

their mouthes open. They are found in all three levels of Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo in Band Land. Mr. Sax uses Purple Notes as his main means of attacking. Purple Notes were used to defeat Mr. Sax by knocking them back at him.

Bomb Note

Bomb Notes are enemies spit out by Mr. Sax during Level 3 of Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo. They are just like Purple Notes. but fat, and they can't move. They explode in mid-air and release Mini Purple Notes. The Bomb Note cannot be knocked back at Mr. Sax.

Mini Purple Note

Mini Purple Notes are released from the explosion of a Bomb Note. They are just like Purple Notes but small. They all fly outwards after being released. They cannot be knocked back at Mr. Sax.

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