Professor Barranco Clone #3 is, as one can tell from his name, a third clone of Professor Barranco, and he is one of the main antagonists in the Rayman series.


Professor Barranco Clone #3



Professor Barranco Clone #3 is a Rabbid, whose most notably feature is his mismatched eyes. The left eye is red whereas the right one is blue. No explanation has been given about the reason why his eyes are differently colored, but it might be caused by Heterochromia. It could also be that, being a clone of Barranco, this 'red eye' is the reason why one of the original Barranco's eyes is always closed. Aside his eyes, he has the same appearance as other Rabbids.


Professor Barranco Clone #3 is shown to be more serious and stricter than most Rabbids, especially the original Professor Barranco. He seems to be as smart as Professor Barranco, the Rabbid whom he has been cloned from.

Interactions with other characters


The other Rabbids show respect for Professor Barranco Clone #3, whereas the Rabbids seem to hate the original Professor Barranco and show him no respect. The Rabbids are shown to tense up whenever Barranco Clone #3 is present, as seen in Raving Rabbids 2.



Clone #3 trying to identify Rayman

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Professor Barranco Clone #3's current appearances is in the intro of Raving Rabbids 2. When the disguised Rayman crashes through the roof straight in to a room full of Rabbids, Professor Barranco Clone #3 comes in, glances at Rayman, and whips out a European Wii-version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. He tries to identify the disguised Rayman using the box art of the game. Just as he is nearly finding out who Rayman is, Rayman yells "DAAAAH!" to fool Clone #3. This makes Clone #3 and other Rabbids to think Rayman is just one of the Rabbids, and Rayman gets off the hook. Clones #3 then leads the disguised Rayman to the submarine alongside the other Rabbids. However, as you are playing, Rayman is NOT wearing his costume that he wore in the opening cutscene, though the helium is still present, meaning that Rayman's voice is higher-pitched than normal.

Raving Rabbids:Travel In Time

In Rabbids Travel in Time, where he appaers in a cutscene after you complete all the ariums and go to the Golden Time Washing Machine. The Rabbid appears in year 4049, where Clone #3 is planning to change the world with an army of Rabbids and Time Washing Machines. The rabbid trips on the wire, sucking him an all of the washers back in time. Barranco was not happy, scraping his stick on the board. 

Rabbids: Alive And Kicking

In Rabbids: Alive And Kicking, he is seen in a flying machine wearing a general helmet with five stars on it.

Professor Barranco Clone 3's return

Professor Barranco Clone#3 had returned in the movie. His greed of evil rabbid power,grew and made him stronger with his entire Generality and Generation and Regeneration. The Empire(Professor Barranco Clone#3' s empire) He created was sunk by The Kraken,Leviathan and The Black Guard.

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