A piranha

Piranhas are aquatic enemies from Rayman 2 and are almost as common as Zombie Chickens and can appear in more places than Zombie Chickens too. They yield to a single fist shot, when defeatable. They also appear in Rayman 3 in the fourth level of The Bog of Murk as well as in Rayman 1 in The Dream Forest.

Levels encountered

  • The Fairy Glade (Three times, twice defeatable, one not.)
  • The Bayou (One easily killed piranha)
  • There are also several non-apparent piranhas in 'dangerous' water.

Attack method

Most piranhas' attack strategy is very simple- they leap out of the water and attempt to bite Rayman. However, two piranhas in Whale Bay have a different strategy- they attempt to eat Carmen the Whale's air bubbles in order to leave none for Rayman, thus, causing Rayman to drown. In Rayman 1, they go up the area that blocks Rayman between the vines that he climbs and you have to hit them at the right time because they move a bit fast about the same speed as Moskito, Bzzit, and Adult Moskito. To attack is to press the button to activate the further-distance punch before they are the same view as you. If you punch it at the right time, they stop moving for 2 seconds, their teeth are broken and then fall down (Altogether, it stops for 3 seconds) but unfortunately, they reappear again even when you punch them so you have to hurry up and jump to the next vine because they might reappear in a non-stop cycle.


  • These are the only enemies that are not a direct result of the Pirates' invasion- unlike the zombie chickens and the previously unreleased Nightmares of Polokus.
  • In Rayman 1, they fly up straight and use their tail as a propeller to always make it fly up but in Rayman 2 and 3, they don't, they just leap out of the water and try to bite Rayman.