Rayman 1

The Picture city is the fourth land in Rayman 1. The Picture City contains three areas. These three areas are Eraser Plains, Pencil Pentathlon and Space Mama's Crater.Eraser Plains introduces ink. It has the same physics as lava or water, it kills Rayman. There is a hidden potion at the end of that level that allows Rayman to fly indefinitely long on that level. It also features the fight against Viking Mama. Pencil Pentathlon is a tricky area. One of the levels gives Rayman the potion with the Super Helicopter power. Space Mama´s Crater features the boss fight against Space Mama. She is the same boss fought on Eraiser Plains but in another outfit. Upon defeating the boss a screen appears that says "Mr. Dark" kidnaps Betilla, the Fairy.


The Picture City is an art themed Level. It has many art themed objects such as pencils, paintbrushes, and erasers. The backgrounds are random. Some are art themed such as a wooden background, a background full of pencils, paintbrushes and paint, and a heavenly type background with rainbows as well. Happy music also plays in most of the heaven themed levels. One exception would be a level on Space Mama´s Crater with a lot of storm.






Picture City's Main Theme:


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