Dr. Otto Psi is a character from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and the first of the three teensie doctors in which Rayman & Globox must reach to remove Andre from Globox's stomach. His office is located in Clearleaf Forest.

Hoodlum Havoc

After Globox swallows Andre by accident, one of the teensie kings recommend the two to go to the Clearleaf Forest to see Otto. When the two heroes reach his office, Hoodlums have already entered in which Rayman must takeout before meeting up with the doctor. Otto tries to removie Andre by taking 'drastic measures': playing Globox's arm as if it were an electric guitar. However, the attempt fails and Andre moves to Globox's stomach. Otto decides to recon him to see another doctor- Romeo Patti who is stationed in The Land of the Livid Dead since Romeo is a stomach specialist.

Otto reappears in the end of the Desert of the Knaaren where he performs group therapy alongside the two other doctors, successfully pushing Andre from Globox's stomach. However, the doctors fail to catch Andre and inform Rayman & Globox to find the Hoodlum Headquarters and stop Andre & Reflux.


Otto bears a strong German accent & wears round glasses.


  • His name is a pun on the word "Autopsy".

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