Ninjaws is an evil villain who possibly is the leader of the ninja henchmen. He appears to be Razorbeard's most elite henchman. In Rayman 2 on the PS1, he guards the mask of stone and fire for his own devious uses. While battling Ninjaws, he teleports to wherever Rayman is standing and attempts to strike him with his hook. If Ninjaws misses, like all other Ninja Henchmen, he struggles to get his hook out of the ground, giving Rayman the opportunity to attack him. Ninjaws's attacks are attacking Rayman with his hook and blasting him with an energy ball. He can also teleport repeatedly and fire a barrage of energy balls in several directions that might keep Rayman at bay. Ninjaws also has 15 health points. Although he guards the mask of stone and fire, he is not it's actual guardian. The actual guardian is Umber. You don't have to fight Umber, just jump onto his head and he will take you across the lava. Although Ninjaws is the leader of the Ninja Henchmen, he looks exactly like them.

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