Music Levels are levels that appear in each main Gallery as the last Painting in Rayman Legends, with a slight exception for the Living Dead Party Gallery, which consists of nothing but Music Levels, and a total exception for the Back to Origins Galleries, as Rayman Origins never had such segments.

Music Levels are so named due to the stage being themed after music and move to the melody of the song it plays, and more often than not, are homaged from a specific song.

8-bit Editions

Introduced as the bulk of the Living Dead Party Gallery Paintings, these Music Levels are remixed to be stylized in an 8-bit-like format, with various "errors" to make the level more difficult. To raise it even more, when the player(s) are bubblized in 8-bit Edition levels, they restart the entire level over, forcing players to train in memorization to survive.