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Mr Skops




Flame attack


The Caves of Skops:
2nd level of Mr Skops' Stalactites
Final level of Mr Skops' Stalactites


Boss Enemy



Rayman VS Mr. Skops

Rayman battling Mr. Skops

Mr. Skops

Mr. Skops

Mr. Skops is the sixth boss encountered in the original Rayman game. Skops is a large scorpion who dwells within the mountains and caves of Rayman's world and (unlike some other bosses in the game) shares no traits with any local minions. Displaying a permanent sneer, Skops is very aggressive towards anything he encounters, as seen when he tried to use lava to roast of Rayman after the hero woke him up.

During his first battle with Mr. Skops, Rayman is not actually able to harm him and must instead try to keep himself out of the lava by shifting from platform to platform as Mr. Skops sinks the available safe points, then rush to the next area before the lava engulfs him. After this segment is over, Rayman can battle Mr. Skops properly. To defeat him Rayman must punch him whenever he shoots a ball of energy, which will deflect the ball back at Skops.

In the Candy Chateau showdown, he is fused with Mr. Stone. The showdown arena shows stained glass windows bearing likenesses to all previous bosses, including Skops, which means that he is indeed a servant of Mr. Dark and not simply an irate indigenous creature. To defeat him in this battle, Rayman must punch him in the face after he fires off his claw as a projectile.


  • In the Beta version of Rayman 1, Skops had a totally different appearance.
  • He and Mr Stone have only 8hp, all the other bosses have 12.


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