Boss Enemy




Final level of Moskito's Nest


Biting, rush, spiky fruit




Moskito as he appears in the PS1 version

Moskito is most likely a species (though this is not confirmed), of which Bzzit is a known member. He serves as the boss for the Dream Forest. He uses the same rush attacks and biting attacks as Bzzit does, in addition to using Spikey Fruit as weapons. He has 12 health, however you can quickly beat him if you punch him everytime he is trying to rush you or bite you.

Moskito appears again in Rayman Origins. However,this time he appears as an ally. He is not alone this time, and is accompanied by what appears to be his family. Moskito and his family aid Rayman and his friend by functioning as flying mounts that can shoot small energy bullets and inhale enemies to spit out as projectiles.

An incorrectly colored Moskito chasing Rayman in the third level of Moskito's Nest



  • Moskito is simply a misspelling of Mosquito, but the pronunciation of the two names sounds the same.
  • Moskito is incorrectly colored or uses the same sprite as Bzzit when he appears in a chase sequence in the 3rd level of Moskito's Nest- although the correct sprite is used in the boss fight. This led many players confused, claiming that it is in fact Bzzit (despite being friends with Rayman) being forced to chase Rayman under Moskito's orders, even going as far at to say that they are the same character. However this is simply untrue: in the Atari Jaguar version, the chase sequences uses the correct dark purple sprite confirming that it is indeed Moskito chasing Rayman. In addition, after beating Moskito, the 3rd level of Moskito's nest can no longer be replayed; the 2nd level of Anquish Lagoon can still be replayed where Rayman flies on Bzzit's back, further confirming that they are two separate characters. In the PC and Rayman Advance ports, the correct sprite doesn't exist or is never used.
  • A Mosquito appears in the first level of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. This Mosquito looks almost identical to Moskito apart from size and no visible hands or feet.
  • While Rayman and the teensies ride Moskitos in Origins, Globox is instead ridden by the youngest Moskito, possibly because he is too heavy to carry. It is unknown how Globox still has the same powers as the Moskito, or whether the child is transferring his powers to Globox.