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Bird Queen is one of the four kings corrupted by the nightmares in the Grumbling Grottos. He is a giant yellow bird, similar to the other birds in the level, wears a crown, as well as jewels. Although he is called king, his nightmare form suggested to be female due to his eyelashes and one of his attacks to bombard the player with laid eggs. When defeated, you will notice he looks like a cute little baby bird with a crown on its head.


At the stage To Bubblize a Mocking Bird, Bird Queen can be found asleep. To start the fight, the player must pull the king's tail and abruptly waking him up. Bird Queen will fly away for a brief moment, before coming back to snap the player with his beak. In this phase, his weak spot is under his belly and must be hit quickly before he flies away. If the player fails to hit Bird Queen's weak spot, he will fly up and drop eggs, before coming back on ground's level. The eggs laid by Bird Queen are breakable. 

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