Minotaurs are enemies in Olympus Maximus.There are three types of Minotaurs:

Minotaur-The most common of all Minotaurs.They are purple.They are immune to lava.They also have the ability to stand on top of each other.They can also stand on floating platforms.

Fire Minotaur-They can shoot fireballs from a distance.They have the same apperance as the standard Minotaur,but they are red.They can also appear on floating platforms,but cannot stand on top of each other.It can be possible that they are immune to lava, but they were never to be seen in lava.

Giant Minotaur-Bigger Minotaurs with a hammer and a spiked shield.The only way to defeat him is to let him smash,while he is trying pull the out of the ground,jump on him(You have to jump on the hammer first).

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