Rayman ls 5

Rayman and Globox meet the three doctors, and they expel Andre from Globox's stomach.Andre flies away before they can catch him. They must catch Andre, and to do that they need to help of the Teensies and they use the Longest Shortcut. They must collect all the crowns and move on to the next area. After they finish, they are sent on a boat to the next world.

Preceded by: Desert of the Knaaren

Succeeded by: Summit Beyond the Clouds

Part 1: The Hall of Light

In the entirety of the shortcut you need to collect a certain number of crowns to make a door unlock to enter the next room. The gimmick of The Longest Shortcut is timed switch puzzles. And there are no enemies to be found.

Before you go into the first room you need to collect one crown where Globox is.

Go into the next room which contains one switch and one shoe. Get the shoe power-up and keep attack the other shoe until it finishes. You obtain the blue can power up. Press the switch and make your way up the hall collecting all the crowns along the way. When done so, make your way to the top and teleport out the door to Globox. The other door should open. And make your way to Hall of Mirrors

Rayman ls 1

Rayman chasing after his other shoe

Rayman ls 2

Rayman making his way to the finish orb

Part 2: Hall of Mirrors

Once again make your way to where Globox is, obtain the first crown and leave the room and go to the next.

You get into a room with lots of moving platforms and a switch, it is yet again a timed switch so press the switches and get the crowns that are in the cells in the walls and try to make it to the top before time runs out and enter the next room.

In the next room use the reflection off of the floor to help you the moving platform is invisible and that is the only way to get out if this room. Once again get all the crowns and exit to the next room.

This yet again has invisible platforms that go up and down, use the to collect the crowns and carefully platform to the right to get out.

The next room has more of this but you have to platform to moving platforms that move all across the room and the exit is blocked to make it look like any old piece of all, use the reflection to get out. And make your way to the Longest Journey.

Rayman ls 3

Rayman getting some crowns

Rayman ls 4

The invisible platforms

Part 3: The Longest Journey

This room is the hardest and longest out of the 3 and involves a lot of different skills.

Once again get the crown by Globox....

This room is one whole path. Press the timed switch and platform your way across to the other side of the long platforms before time runs out. Get the crowns by the door and mo

ve on.

You need to punch a punch activated switch 3 times before time runs out after this vines lower a

nd you can collect more crowns.

After use bouncy thing to make your way to ledges. On the ledges are crowns and a switch make your way up the ledges and hover over to the crown cave.

Fly to the path again navigate some moving platforms to collect more crowns, return.

Use your fists and alternate shooting them for the next puzzle and make your way to the room before times runs out. The Longest Shortcut is complete.

Rayman ls 8

The ledges and cave

Rayman ls 7

The fourth room

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