rabbids one good one bad

This is a list of all the characters in Rabbids Go Home.


The main protagonists of the game, are two rabbids with a shopping cart with one pushing and one riding. The story begins in the junkyard where they live trying to find a place to sleep. After failing to find a place to sleep the rabbids become drawn to the moon seeing it as a place to sleep so do the other rabbids who wanna help out. The rest of the story focuses on them stealing stuff so they can make a pile and climb to the moon. Their mission draws attention from the humans who the rabbids are stealing from and become verminators to stop the rabbids from completing their mission. Their journey takes them to many places from the city to the country, to the beach and much more. The player has the choice of customizing the rabbids such as painting their bodies or altering their faces. A third rabbid accompanies them and is used to throw at enemies and targets, also the player has the choice of customizing him to. A band of rabbids helps the rabbids out during their mission and two of them help out during gameplay. The collector rabbid plays a big tuba and holds onto all your stuff so if you lose all your health you won't lose your stuff. The painting rabbid uses yellow paint to point out certain things in the game as well as give you advice.


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