There are a number of Powerups that you can find throughout the Rayman games.

Rayman 1

In Rayman 1, there are two types of powerups, one that is permanent and given by Betilla the Fairy and the other that lasts until you die that you must pick up during a level.

Gifted powerups

These are the permanent powerups you get from Betilla


The first of the powerups gifted by Betilla is the ability to throw your fist. The longer you hold down the punch button, the further, faster and more powerful your punch will be.

Ledge grab

The second ability you learn is the ability to grab onto ledges which is required to some cages, tings or other objects.

Helicopter hair

The third ability you learn is the ability to use your hair as a helicopter temporarily.


The fourth ability you learn is the ability to sprint.

Purple lum swing

The fifth and final ability you get is the ability to punch Purple Lums and swing on them to get to out of reach places.

Pick Up Powerups

These are the temporary powerups that you must collect during a level and will lose when you die.

Super health

This powerup looks like a red orb with the letter S on the front and has two yellow orbs orbiting it. If you collect it, your health will go from three points up to five.

Super fist

This powerup looks like a floating white fist with sparks coming out of the back. If you collect it, your fist will be launched at top speed no matter how long you hold it for.

Golden fist

This powerup looks like a floating gold fist. When you collect it, your fist will always kill enemies in one hit (excluding bosses) no matter how long you hold it for.

Rayman 2

In Rayman 2, there is only one powerup that you can pick up, the rest are gained by receiving Silver Lums.

Gifted Powerups

These are the permanent abilities gifted by Silver Lums.

Fist and Helicopter hair

The first of the abilities you learn (or relearn) is the ability to throw your punches and use your hair as a helicopter.

You receive this when you get thrown into the same cell as Globox, who pulls a silver lum out of his mouth where he has been keeping it safe for Rayman.

Purple Lum Swinging

Once again like in Rayman 1, you gain the ability to swing from Purple Lums by punching them.

You receive this ability after rescuing Ly from the Fairy Glade.

Pick Up Powerups

These are temporary powerups that will run out.

Golden fist

This powerup gives you a limited number of shots with your fist and will make your fist much more powerful.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

In Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, Rayman will receive five different "cans" which contain 'lager detergeant' (as stated by Murphy as he reads the label) and are said to be "Hoodlum combat fatigues" that will, for a limited time, grant Rayman powers. These are obtained by freeing Teensies from their cages. (Or in a few cases, killing a Hoodlum )


The Vortex powerup allows Rayman to fire mini-tornados instead of fists, and can do various things to help him.

Heavy Metal Fist

The Heavy Metal Fist powerup basically makes Rayman's punches stronger, and can break certain doors open.


The Lockjaw powerup turns Rayman's fists into bear-trap-like weapons, allowing him to swing on rings and electrocute enemies.

This is the longest lasting powerup.

Shock Rocket

The Shock Rocket powerup turns one of Rayman's hands into a rocket, capable of going where Rayman cannot reach and killing far-off enemies.

Throttle Copter

The Throttle Copter powerup gives Rayman the ability to fly as high as he possibly can. That is, until the power runs out.

This is the shortest lasting powerup.

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