Lightning Eyes are enemies found in Rayman 1. These enemies are found in the second world, Band Land.
Lightning Eyes

Lightning Eyes on a Drum

Lightning Eyes can also be combined into a Flute Drumstick.


A Lightning Eye looks like a normal flute in Band Land, which is purple with a few holes in it, with a tan rim. However, the Lightning Eyes have big bulging eyes with red veins and blue eye lids. Lightning Eyes can also appear on the usual Band Land terrain, the drump tops (the tan tops, with the blue squares in the middle with red and purple streaks). ALSO, Lightning Eyes can appear in the clouds in Gong Heights.


They attack Rayman by shooting small lightning bolts out of their eye. The player can tell when they will attack when the eyes blink, and then one eye opens, signaling that they're about to shoot. There is no way to defeat a Lightning Eye, just avoid their shots.

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