Rayman 3

Leptys is a god worshipped by the Knaaren race. Once Rayman has surpassed the trials leading to the Knaaren worshipping grounds deep beneath the desert of the Knaaren, where an impressive and large eagle-like statue resides, Rayman is accosted by the childlike-king of the Knaaren, Gumsi and his followers. Rayman is then forced to prove his worth once more in a battle pitted against the current Knaaren champion Reflux. Having defeated Reflux Rayman is crowned the new champion and is given the right to undergo a mysterious ritual bestowing the power of Leptys. King Gumsi, performs the ritual through incantation and wielding and causes the eyes of the eagle-like statue (pressumed representation of Leptys' physical manifestation) to glow, bestowing Rayman the power to turn Black Lums into Red Lums, by means of "pulling a funny face" by grimacing.

Leptys statue

Leptys statue as seen in lower chambers of the Knaaren Desert


  • Leptys' assumed physical manifestation is that of an eagle-like creature as evidenced by the large statue found in a chamber beneath the interweaving tunnels of the Knaaren desert, this is further corroborated by the silhouette seen against the tower when Reflux summons forth the power of Leptys prior to the final boss.
  • The power of Leptys although not mentioned by the same name is similar to an ability obtainable in Rayman 1 which enabled weaker more impressionable enemies to be frightened.
  • The power of Leptys may indirectly be a conjecture to the reverse transformation of red and black lums, with fright induced by Rayman's mischievous stray hands trigerring red to black lum transformation and humor/joy/laughter triggered by grimacing.

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