The Land of the Livid Dead

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The Land of the Livid Dead is the secret and true final level in Rayman Origins, unlocked after all 10 Skull Teeth are collected and handed to the Drim Keeper in the Snoring Tree's leftmost section. After unlocking the area, the Land of the Livid Dead can be accessed by the main map, located south of the Snoring Tree.

Land of the Livid Dead Changes

This version of the Land of the Livid Dead is very different than Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc's Land of the Livid Dead. In this version, it is a dark area with old ladies there and challenging traps, deadly plants, old houses, fiery flames, and other things here. After completing the challenges in The Land of the Livid Dead, you meet up with the Secret Boss.

This area's background design carries elements very similar to the Mexican Día de Los Muertos (day of the deads), a holiday in respect of the deceased. It can be seen in the many floral arrays and the unique pattern decorating the skulls. This design was carried to the sequel in the world "Fiesta de los Muertos", as the name implies this Mexican reference.