The Land of the Livid Dead is the fourth area in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and the final area in Rayman Origins. Despite its name, it is a peaceful area filled with Teensie ruins and ancient statues. The second doctor resides here.

Preceded by: Bog of Murk

Succeeded by: Desert of the Knaaren


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The Land of the Livid Dead appears to be a calm ancient area with a very wet climate. There are also a number of seas and lakes along with overgrown fauna hinting that they are abandoned ruins. The land is quite big with numerous caves and secret passageways. The most significant landmark is a large seemingly ruined tower with a glass staircase leading up the inside with a simple archway as an entrance. It is possible to see how it used to look by freeing two Teensies around it. There are also Hoodlums who have already gotten inside.

Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins, the Land of the Livid Dead is set beneath the Snoring Tree. The overall mood of the place is dark and gloomy, thanks to a purple-and-gray color scheme. The landscape is mostly rock, and the background consists of fog, haunted-style houses, random tree branches, and sometimes nothing but coffins. Black tentacles studded with thorns are scattered everywhere, and other hazards include a toxic purple liquid and streams of fire.


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The Land of the Livid Dead is one of the areas Rayman must visit in his travels to cure Globox of Andre the Black Lum . It can be accessed by entering a portal owned by Begoniax underground. Once in, the player starts at a woodland area which leads to a beach front and then to the main area where the exit is. Off to the left of this is the most impressive landmark in this area: a ruined tower. Rayman has to enter the tower and free the Teensies so that they can open up the tower proper (Before it is just a collapsed building) and release another Teensie. All three of them then help get rid of the Hoodlums guarding the exit. This leads to the final boss, Celoche, a giant mechanical head on three mechanical legs which is inside a large underwater cavern filled with symbols.


There are several secrets in the Land of the Livid Dead, cleverly hidden in places most people will miss.

  • After Globox drinks the plum juice in the hallway (outside faint Hoodlum voices can be heard) he burps up bubbles. Bounce to the right and you will enter a room with seemingly mummified Teensies, which are black and red in appearance and are frozen in blocks of transparent materials. There are several Yellow Gems and a Green Jewel here. A figure that looks identical to LacMac from Rayman: The Animated Series is also frozen in one of the blocks, though lacking eyes.
  • After the Grim Keeper battle, Globox once again burps up bubbles. Instead of advancing to the left to the ladder up to the Hoodoo fight, go to the right. The secret room has a giant statue of a Teensie and 3 Throttle Copter powerups. Inside are many Yellow Jewels and a Green Jewel.
  • At the doctors office, you are stopped by a gate. By the gate is a Shock Rocket. After all Hoodlums are eradicated, the gate opens. But, do not go yet. Inspect all the ceiling and you will spot two open holes with switches. Use the Shock Rocket to strike them both and a room with 4 red rubies and two green emeralds are revealed to the player.

Rayman Origins

As Rayman and company beatbox on the Snoring Tree, they unintentionally disturb a granny from the Land of the Livid Dead. The granny screams at them, but eventually resorts to sending an army of monsters and Anti-Toons up to the surface.

Once all ten Skull Teeth are collected, the player gains access to the Land of the Livid Dead. This level is the hardest in the game, with hazards at every turn. The denizens of the area act as enemies, and attack much quicker than normal enemies. After surviving a fast snake-like skeleton, swarms of thorny tentacles, collapsing platforms, hordes of buzzsaws, and fire in every direction, the player faces off against Big Mama, the true final boss of the game.

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