The Knaaren are a race of humanoids that are encountered during Rayman 3.They are tall, fierce beings who dwell in the deepest regions of the Desert of the Knaaren , ruled by the rather short, child king Gumzi. The Knaaren are immune to all of Raymans attacks, but thankfully, are pretty slow, both physically and academically, and they aren't hard to escape, if however, one blocks his way, he can use the torpedo to hit a gong, which summons the Knaaren. They are able to speak and have rather intimidating comments which include "stick bamboo under his nails" and "brain, fresh brain"and also " spit in his eyes". They also say some amusing things like "make him write bad checks" and "poke him in the eyes". Their champion, Reflux, challenged Rayman to an arena match. Reflux himself is not invincible. He can be defeated by attacking his staff. Once defeated, the Knaaren god Leptys will grant Rayman the ability to turn Black Lums into Red Lums.

Knaaren only seem to have one method of attack which is swiping Rayman with their large claws. It would appear that the Knaaren have slight magical powers as their attacks will raise a large spectral shield with does damage to Rayman and prevent him from running past them as touching the shield will knock Rayman back. As a Knaaren Reflux flux has the same powers only more extended given his magical staff.


  • Knaarens are known as the scariest creatures in the Rayman universe.
  • According to their pictograms, hieroglyphs and carvings in their halls, they appear to be capturing and perhaps even eating Teensies.


Rayman running away from Knaaren