What the Duck - Invaded

2 Invaded levels from the Fiesta de los Muertos Gallery.

Invasion Levels are levels in Rayman Legends that are essentially the Time Trial missions in Rayman Origins, only instead that here, the times for all Invasion levels are all the same. The only Paintings that cannot get "Invaded" are Boss fights, Rescue levels, and Music Levels.

Mission Specs

Invasion Day

The goal of any Invaded level.

They appear to the right of all the regular levels once enough levels are cleared. 3 Teensies (a Jester, King, and Queen) are tied to rockets by enemies from random Galleries (i.e. a Invaded Mission in Olympus Maxiumus will have Toads), and the player(s) has to race to them in a special running stage in under 40 seconds to save all 3 Teensies from being launched into the air. There are also Invasion levels with Dark Rayman, where they function similar to Cosmic Prankster Comet levels in the Super Mario Galaxy game series, where Dark Rayman follows the player's movements to the letter until Dark Rayman bubblizes the player. If there is more than one player, Dark Rayman will follow the player in the lead, and will teleport into the current room if left behind.

Invaded Level Themes