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This glitch is most commonly known to be exploited in the Menhir Hills, in the second level, in the area after the first shell ride. The means to perform this glitch is simple, to begin, a barrel flight must be triggered by going into a nearby passage and using its torch to commence flight. Once this has been done, the Robot Pirate above must be encountered, with Rayman carrying a barrel in hand, when the Pirate has become aware of Rayman's presence, he must throw the barrel he's carrying upward, and take a hit. If done right, when the barrel is caught, the glitch is triggered, making Rayman capable of flying as if he were using a barrel endlessly, until he either dies or the jump key is pressed.

The Ultimate Rayman 2 Glitch (N64)04:53

The Ultimate Rayman 2 Glitch (N64)

The Glitch being performed

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