The Hunters are enemies from Rayman 1. They are first encountered in The Dream Forest. They encountered again in Band Land. Female variants are encountered in Rayman Origins.

Hunter in Rayman Advance


Hunters are actually very similar looking to Rayman, as they are limbless, have purple bodies, and red bandanas around their necks. They have brown shoes with gray streaks on them. They have black curly mustaches, two eyes with big eyebrows, two little hairs coming out of their heads, white, floating hands, a mushroom shaped head, and they have a darker purple sash around their bodies that carry their bullets for the gun they carry. The gun resembles a gray telescope with an eye at the end.


Like all enemies, the Hunters hurt Rayman by touching him. But more noticeably, they use the gun they carry to shoot large bullets. These bullets open at the top, where a robotic hand swinging a hammer extends from the opening. These bullets fly straight while swinging the hammer. The player can hear when these bullets are coming by a swishing noise. To defeat a hunter, hit him on the head with a fist. Mostly, he will block it. After every shot the Hunter polishes his gun so that gives Rayman a chance to hit it.


  • The credits image showed Betilla the Fairy and the Hunter chatting and holding their cups with lime flavoured soda. (See Below)
  • In Rayman Origins, he wears a bowtie but in Rayman 1, he wears a bandana.
  • In the first Rayman Game, his right eye is larger than his left eye but later in Rayman Origins, his left eye is bigger than his right eye. This is strange.
  • In the first Rayman Game, his gun has an eye at the front barrel but in Rayman Origins, his gun doesn't.
    • The Hunter's gun in Rayman 1 had an eye at the front because it had to seek his own enemy.
  • He appears to be more formal in Rayman Origins than in Rayman 1 because he wears a bowtie, a purple blazer with a tail at the back, loose-sleeved shorts, a large bum chin, thin legs, socks, small shoes, a completely seen mouth, a thin moustache, a sash with upside down short bullets, and a gun that has a trumpet's music producer at the front and when it powers up before firing a bullet, it inflates.
  • Strangely, they reappeared in Band Land and there are two of them.