Also known as Hoodmonger Soldiers. These are upgraded Hoodblasters, sporting blue and red clothing and instead of the large hat which is common among the Hoodlums, instead they wear a red barret. They have the same kind of attacks as a Hoodblaster, firing 1 shot at a time (the projectiles consists of a three arrow cluster) and bashing Rayman with their guns if he gets too close. They take more punches to kill than a normal Hoodblaster. Hoodstylers can first be found in the third level of the Clearleaf Forest, where killing one gives you your first orange can. They can also be found in boss fight in Clearleaf Forest, where Rayman must stomp on them with the Hoodstomper. Later they can be found in Land of the Livid Dead and onward levels.

When the game is paused with the Hoodstyler taregeted, it says that they cover their heads to hide their purple varicose veins.
320px-Hoodmonger Soldier

The Hoodstyler in action

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