Hoodstomper (also known as Master Kaag) is a boss in the Clearleaf Forest.

The Hoodstomper in action

He's a Hoodlum with no legs, so he's built giant legs with ropes attached to them so he can hang on. His legs allow him to stomp everything in his path, including Rayman. You can only attack him with rockets from the orange can. He takes 3 hits to defeat. He seems to shout at Rayman but it is hard to tell what he's saying.

He seems to shout "Come back!" and consistantly shouts "Yeah!" and chuckles a lot to himself. At the first step into the arena it is hard to tell, but it sounds like he is saying "watermelon". It is unknown why he says this. He appears to speak with a Scottish accent.

Once Hoodstomper is defeated, Rayman can control his mechanism and kill all of the Hoodlums in the area by stepping on them.

Hood Stomper close up

A closer view of the Hoodstomper

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