Hoodlum Headquarters is an area in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It is the Hoodlum's secret base, hidden beneath the Summit Beyond the Clouds. It is the Headquarters to all the Hoodlums, and their weapons.

Preceded by: Summit Beyond the Clouds

Succeeded by: Tower of the Leptys


The Hoodlum Headquarters is hidden beneath the Summit Beyond the Clouds. The base has various machines and a female voice that tells Rayman where he is (Globox would 'like to meet her'). The interior temperature of the base is 98.6 degrees F and above due to the lava that is located in various parts of the base.


Rayman must sneak through the Headquarters. He must traverse lots of Hoodlums, lava, and more Hoodlums to reach the boss. The Horrible Machine is the boss. She was the voice talking to Rayman and Globox. To defeat her, Rayman must hit the button on its front, after you hit it enough, the meter will reach the top and a siren will ring. Then various Hoodlums will come out and fight you. After you repeat that several times, the Machine will finally be defeated, and the Headquarters will start flooding with lava. You have to escape the Headquarters before you are killed by the lava. Once you escape, the Headquarters with explode due to head exhaustion from all the machines and lava. After you escape, you will make your way the last world.