Helena Headbasket is the fifth member of the nymph sisterhood Rayman and co. rescue in Rayman Origins. Upon her rescue, Helena gives the player the ability to run on certain walls and ceilings, which is a power that is surely required while up in the mountains.


Helena Headbasket

Helena has pale, blue-like skin (possibly caused by near frostbite coolness, as she resides in the mountains). She wears a blue mini-dress with rows of white cloth/wool on each end, as well as a blue, mountain-shaped, hat. In addition she has blue/white puffs of wool on her wrists and ankles, and has long, blond, hair. Helena also has miniature fairy-like wings and sports a Norwegian/Icelandic accent.

Nymph of.....

She is the mountain nymph who resides in Mystical Pique. Unlike the other lands, it appears Mystical Pique has no king. This could be implying only Helena is ruling over it.


  • Her name is a play on the phrase "hell in a handbasket".

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