Gumzi behind throne

Gumzi hiding behind his throne, in fear of Andre



"No, but really, I'm sure your friend will shine in the arena...when Reflux is burning his corpse! Meheh!"- Gumsi

Gumsi is a Knaaren and is the king of the Desert of the Knaaren. He talks in a shrill voice and carries a sceptre.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, Gumsi grants Rayman the ability to use the Grimace. Under the influence of Andre, Reflux steals his sceptre to gain the Power of Leptys. He seems to be frightened of Andre, as when Gumsi is beating up Globox while Andre is inside hs stomach, he threatens Gumsi, causing Gumsi to hide behind his throne.

Before the fight between Rayman and Reflux commences, Gumsi discourages Rayman and believes that he will not win. After the fight, however, he is obviously impressed, and gives Rayman some of the Power of Leptys.

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