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The Grolgoth is an enormous robot and the final boss of Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

It is controlled by Admiral Razorbeard and is able to shoot homing cannonballs at Rayman, lasers from its feet and its chest, leap and crush Rayman with excessive force, has jets in its feet for evasion, tentacle-like arms that can stretch and grab onto walls and is able to self-destruct. Razorbeard buys the Grolgoth by a salesman in uniform on visit to the buccaneer. He trades the Grolgoth for a big chest of gold, and Razorbeard seems enthusiastic about the deal.

Phase 1

In his first phase, the Grolgoth is on top of The Crow's Nest . Rayman makes his grand entrance.

The Grolgoth starts out by shooting homing cannonballs. You must hit these in the center to force them back to the Grolgoth. After doing this, he shoots four lasers from his feet. Two aiming up, and two aiming for the lower section. Then he leaps, attempting to land on rayman.

You reapeat this a few time until a cinematic plays, where the Grolgoth tries to land on rayman but misses and breaks the floor and falls down. The entire floor then collapes and Rayman too falls down.

Phase 2

While falling, you see another cinematic of Ly, the fairy. She helps Rayman by sending a lum to help him. The lum take Rayman to a shell which he must ride. Rayman turns around and finds the Grolgoth hanging on two poles. You must ride the shell collecting the ammo in either of two tunnels. Then, shooting them at both of Grolgoth's hands to knock him into the lava. It gets harder, however, as the apart from the hard controls of the shell, as well as not crashing into the lava or the eges of the tunnel, the Grolgoth eventually starts shooting homing rockets at Rayman, and the lava starts rising. After taking out all of the Grolgoth's health, a cinematic will appear of Razorbeard ejecting while his Grolgoth, goes into self-destruct. Which destroys the whole ship, with Rayman still inside...
Rayman, Grolgoth

Second phrase of the Grolgoth. With him hanging on the two poles, suspended above lava.

The PlayStation version of this battle is entirely different. You are chasing the Grolgoth automatically, but you can move in all eight directions to avoid attacks. There are three methods for damaging the Grolgoth. The first method is to simply shoot it, but this method isn't useful because you need to hit the green part on its body, and it is a very small target. It also takes very little damage. The second method is to shoot the bombs it fires at you to send them flying back to him. The third method is to avoid a missile that it fires, and when the missiles comes back for you from behind, quickly avoid it again to let it go flying into the Grolgoth.


  • As stated before, the General from Tonic Trouble makes a cameo appearance when he sells this to Razorbeard, this cameo is due to Rayman 2 and Tonic Trouble being developed around the same time.

  • This is the only boss battle where Shells are involved.

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