Grey (Flying) Shell

Level/s Encounted

The Prison Ship


Grey (mechanical style)



Flying Shell

Flying Shells are an uncommon type of shell found in Rayman 2. Easily distinguishable from the other shells, by their lack of a skull, and more mechanical design. Also, the most known feature of the flying shell, is of course its ability to fly. Also, unlike the other shells which are either launched, or spawned from small dog-houses; the grey shell is created at electrical generators.


In Rayman 3D (the 3DS remake of Rayman 2), there is a level where this special type of Shells is found. It's called "The Iron Mountains", as it is housed in this level. Rayman uses this to fly and hit switches, but if Rayman is on it, and the Flying Shell crashes, Rayman will die, but will have to start at the point where the Shell was. The same thing goes for the regular Shells (Yellow Walking Missiles) that run on foot.