Dr. Art Rytus (or Gonzo) is a character from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and the third of the three teensie doctors in which Rayman & Globox must reach to remove André from Globox's stomach. His office is located in the Desert of the Knaaren

Hoodlum Havoc

After Globox swallows Andre by accident, both Otto Psi & Romeo Patti fail to remove the blacklum and yet Andre gets lodged in Globox's brain. Romeo then sends the two to meet with Gonzo, a hollow cavity specialist.

But the two get delayed when they get captured by the Knaraan & Rayman has to fight Reflux, the knaraan champion. They manage to reach Gonzo's office, and Rayman takes out the Hoodlums that have invaded.

Gonzo attempts to drive negative enery from Globox with a pin, but fails when Andre protests. Still determind, Gonzo calls in Otto & Romeo to commit group therapy as the last resort. Andre finally comes out, but escapes before any of the doctors can catch him. Gonzo lens Rayman & Globox a ship to sail to the Summit Beyond the Clouds to stop Andre.


Gonzo doesn't wear glasses like the other two doctors, but his eyes are slanted, stating Japanese stereotype. He also wears Geta sandals(traditional wooden Japanese sandals) and appears to be levitating the whole time. He also seems more serious & determined compared to the other two doctors.


  • It is unknown why Gonzo would station himself in such a location. It may be possible that hsi ability to drive negative energy could have repalled the Knaraan, allowing him to stay in the area.
  • Gonzo may have possession of some power of the Leptyls as it was able to repel Andre from Globox's brain, but not strong enough to change him back into a Red Lum.

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