Golden teensie

"This teensy is luminous that he glows in the dark. Very convenient when walking around in the Glade of Dreams at night" -Rayman Legends.
Golden Teensy is a playable character in Rayman Legends.


He resembles the Green Teensy; just luminous. He is unlocked when all 700 (615 in the Vita version)(826 in the Switch version) are rescued.

Additionally, there are many Golden Teensies that appear in many levels in Legends, where they replaces the regular Teensies that already have been freed. This might suggest there may be more of them; but is not confirmed at the moment.


  • The Golden Teensy, along with the Teesny Hermit, are the only new playable Teensy characters. The rest return from Origins.
  • The Golden Teensy appears to be based on the Green Teensy model.
  • The Golden Teensy does in fact, light up a small area of darkness around itself when playing as it.