Flute Drumsticks are enemies in Rayman 1, in the second world, Band Land. Flute Drumsticks can be combined
Flute Drumstick

Flute Drumstick

into Lightning Eyes, for a double threat.


Flute Drumsticks look like regular flutes in Band Land, purple with a few holes and a tan rim. However, next to these flutes is a white, gloved hand about the size of Rayman, holding a drumstick, with a gold stick and a white top. Flute Drumsticks can appear in the clouds in Gong Heights, although the actual Flute pat cannot be seen, but the hand and Drumstick are there.


The Flute Drumsticks attack by smashing their drumsticks into the ground. When they hit the ground, the force emits a small poof of dust. Flute Drumsticks can not be damaged or defeated, just run when they're not smacking the ground.

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