The Desert of the Knaaren is an area in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It consists of two parts, an underground filled with Knaaren and the surface which is just barren desert filled with animal bones. The bosses are Reflux, and the two helicopters.

Preceded by: Land of the Livid Dead

Succeeded by: Longest Shortcut

Environment and Geography


The surface of the Knaaren Desert is mostly covered by the leftover bones of animals, building sized ones used as living quarters for Hoodlums who have settled there. They also use them as storage for their cargo. Their airships also float about in the surface and sub-surface.. The heat is so hot it has turned the sand lethal and touching it will cause Rayman to lose health. From the surface it leads to a sub-surface which is filled with acid, platforms and Hoodlums.


The Underground of the desert is made completely of twisting and wining caves inhabited by the Knaaren, a race of tough humanoids who are invincible to any of Rayman's attacks. The throne room contains a huge statue and empty rooms along with shrines and floating platforms. It is cooler underground but still dry. Deeper down, Zombie Chickens appear in an area like catacombs showing it is a grim place.


The first part involves traversing the harsh desert and making it to the collapsing floors, where you will be taken to the underground area, where the Knarren reside. The rest involves avoiding the Knarren and making it out of the desert. But then you get surrounded by Knarren, and you are taken to their leader, Gumzi, and he tells you to fight Reflux, the Knarren Champion. After you defeat him, Gumzi, obviously impressed, summons the Leptys, and you are given the Grimace ability. Then you are sent to the surface again and fight the two helicopters. You follow the trail and make it to the end, where you are transported to the next level.