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RL Dark Rayman

Bad Rayman (aka Rayman's Wicked Double and Dark Rayman) is an enemy in the Rayman series. He first appeared in Rayman. He is an evil clone of Rayman, created by Mr. Dark, and looks just like him, except he has yellow glowing eyes, pupils that are a darker yellow, and darker features and clothes.


In Rayman, he appeared on the second level of Candy Chateau after Mr Dark summons him, where he would copy every move Rayman made. If he touched Rayman, he would kill him instantly (He would also die). He could be defeated by reaching the exit before he did, which would cause him to collapse and die. It is possible however to do the entire level without having to worry about him chasing you. In order to accomplish this, the player would merely need to jump over the activation spark at the start of the level, preventing Bad Rayman from spawning at all- however this is only possible in the Playstation version.


Rayman confronts Bad Rayman

In Rayman 1 for the Gameboy Color, he appeared on the third level of the Arcane Forest, where he would do exactly the same thing. There was a rare glitch which caused him to disappear if he was too far off-screen. Bad Rayman has a different appearance though. His skin color was brown, he has purple hair, golden shoes and gloves, and a purple neckerchief and shirt with the "O" on it, but sometimes makes it a lighter purple.

Rayman Arena

Dark Rayman

Dark Rayman in, Rayman Arena.

In Rayman Arena, his appearance was much different. He had red eyes, matching gloves, and hair (or yellow-ish blonde or orange-ish blonde), orange shoes with white areas one of them a shoe strap on top, and a black shirt (looks mostly a dark grape purple or violet), with an white X on it. He is the main antagonist of the game and appears as the enemy in all of the bonus levels.

His character is first established in the Master League, where the player must defeat him in all modes of the game. Once he was defeated, he'd become a playable character.

Rayman Origins

While Bad Rayman himself doesn't appear, he is briefly mentioned when Raymesis speaks to the Bubble Dreamer, who makes fun of his ugliness, and blames that on Mr. Dark from the first game. It is unknown whether he was joking or confused Raymesis with Bad Rayman.

Rayman Legends

Bad Rayman returns once again under the name Dark Rayman. He appears in certain Invaded levels, players will have to deal with him following them and mimicking their every move, forcing them to keep moving. Touching him means instant death again as well. He functions very similarly to his first appearance. In this particular incarnation, he is completely blacked out, with only glowing yellow eyes.