Dark Globox is an exclusive-to-game character in the Nintendo Gamecube and Xbox versions of Rayman Arena. He is a mutant version of Globox. He has the same theme that Uglette does in Rayman Rush.


Dark Globox is a larger, uglier doppelgänger of Globox. His skin is dark pink in colour, he has a tuft of messy black hair on his head, has wonky yellow buck teeth sticking out of his mouth, and on his back is a picture of a skull, to represent his nastiness. He uses the same technique to shoot as his mild-mannered counterpart, but to glide, he hangs onto a, to quote from the Gamecube instruction book, "an invisible purple lum", though how this lum appears to Dark Globox, and why it's invisible is never explained. Being a dark character, he is very bad-mannered, and is unable to speak anything that's decipherable.

A blue-green skin is available as an unlockable, which makes him look more similar to Globox.

Despite never being in a Rayman platformer, Dark Globox is classified as an evil character due to him being a demonic version of Globox.