Artwork of Daisy

Daisy is the second boss in Rayman Origins. He is faced in "Poor Little Daisy!", the seventh and final level of Ticklish Temple. He is one of the four kings who was altered into a more violent, bestial form by either the Magician's tampering or the Bubble Dreamer's nightmares. While in his normal form, he resembles a Hibiscus flower with a gold crown and a happy expression. in his monstrous form, he has a bulbous head comprised almost entirely of a pair of jaws, beady yellow eyes, an exposed uvula, a tentacled body, and skin covered in thorns and knobs. He can use his tentacles to climb walls like an octopus, and can apparently scream loud enough to shatter solid rock. He attacks by either leaping around, attempting to crush Rayman, or by hanging from the ceiling and slamming his head against the ground. He even uses his tongue as a weapon once, but this proves to be ineffective as it misses Rayman and exposes his weak spot inside his mouth.


  • Daisy is a vegetarian.

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