Crush is an arcade bonus game in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. In the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC versions, Rayman must get 20,000 points to unlock Crush. However, in the GameCube version, the player must get just 9,000 points.


In Crush, the player takes control of the giant ball that Razoff uses in the second part of his fight against Rayman. The player must crush the frogs that hop around on the paths. There are two bars at the bottom of the screen, one red and one yellow. Crushing a frog earns the player a point, and takes away some of the yellow bar, and adds some time to the red timer bar. The larger the frog crushed, the more time that goes into the red bar. The player must empty the yellow bar before the red bar depletes itself. The player must be careful to avoid dropping the ball into the many pits around the room or it could take a long while to reemerge.