This is the second world in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Comes right after the Fairy Council and before The Bog of Murk. Rayman and Globox come here to find the Witch Doctor to expel Andre from Globox's stomach. Globox starts to drink plum juice, which causes sever allergic reactions, causing him to float. The boss in this area is Hoodstomper.

Preceded by: Fairy Council

Succeeded by: Bog of Murk


The Clearleaf Forest is a large forest area, with abundant plants and animals. It also has a waterfall and some ponds and lakes. It is very sunny and bright.


This area involves a lot of battling Hoodlums. The Heavy Metal Fist, Lockjaw, and Rocket Powerups are introduced here. You travel a long way and fly a lot. You also swim up a waterfall on Globox after he drinks plum juice. You have to climb a waterfall, defeat an army of hoodlums, and swing across the forest heights to reach the first boss of the game, Hoodstomper.

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