Clark is a muscular character in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. He has a ridiculously large chin and wears a brown poncho.

After destroying an entire army on Robo-Pirates, Clark discovers that he is severely ill. He suspects that it was caused by accidently eating a Rusty bit of robo-pirate in the fight. Desperate, Clark asks Rayman to travel to the Cave of Bad Dreams, where Jano, A.K.A. The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams resides, and recover the Elixir of Life .

Later on he is fought as a boss after the General Razorbeard's Assistant brought him to his "Technical Checkup". Strapped to his back is a small, mechanical box. Around the Room are 3 Buttons Rayman Must shoot, which will cause a blue laser tripwire to activate. Rayman then needs to kite Clark around and cause him to trip on it before it shuts off. After tripping, his box must be hit by Rayman. Rince and repeat two more times, and the machine will self-destruct, causing Clark to be liberated once again and his Robot Controller flees.


It is said that the great being, Polokus created him to form the mountains of his newly created world.


-In Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Clark has a wound on his back after the box controlling him is removed from his back. However, in the 3DS remake of the game, this wound is present before the box is placed on his back.

-In Rayman 2: The Great Escape, when Clark says he's ill, he says that he's heard that the Elixer of Life is in the Land of the Dead, but it's actually found in the Cave of Bad Dreams.