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Carmen the Whale

Carmen the Whale

Carmen the Whale is a whale that helps Rayman out by giving him air bubbles to breathe. Not much is known about her personality since she only appears in Rayman 2, but she is known to be friends with Rayman and Ly.


  • Carmen is one of, if not the, least occurring Rayman character since Rayman 2; Carmen only appears on one of Rayman 2's (and it's various remakes) levels, and hasn't appeared since.
  • Her species could be any of larger whales such as Sperm Whale or Gray Whale, but most likely to be either a Humpback Whale or a Right Whale because of her lack of dorsal fin and bulky body, belly grooves, relatively long but wider fin, and her singing voice, but on the other hand, she does have teeth in her mouth instead of baleen plates.

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