Rayman 1

The Candy Château (Candy Castle) is the sixth and final area in Rayman 1. The Candy Château contains only one level called Mr. Dark's Dare. It has an unique level icon different than ever other level.


Rayman can only enter the area if he collected all the 102 cages in the Dream Forest, Band Land, the Blue Mountains, Picture City and The Caves of Skops. After finishing the game by beating the level Rayman can only reenter on the Gameboy Advance adaption of the game.

Level 1

Rayman is forced to stand on a frying pan. There level is full of slippery slopes and pits. The difficulty is to ensure Rayman has the proper speed to not fall into these pits. At the end there are two lemonade pools that will kill Rayman unless he has enough speed to jump over.

Level 2

In the beginning of the level Rayman stands face to face with Mr. Dark. He summons Dark Rayman. Dark Rayman copies every movement Rayman does but wth a delay of 2 seconds. That makes it neccessary to memorize the input you just made. Every touch will instantly kill Rayman no matter how many health points he has left.

Level 3

After escaping Dark Rayman, Mr. Dark appears another time and casts a spell onto Rayman that inverts the left and right controls. This level is full of Clowns, Water Boys and Bombers. After some time Mr. Dark appears again to force Rayman to run indefinitely long. At the end he removes Raymans ability to punch with his fist.

Level 4

Rayman encounters Mr. Dark. He can not be hurt since he took Raymans ability punch with his fist away from him. However, a group of electoons come to Rayman's aid with a new fist powerup. This causes Mr. Dark to flee, but not before unleashing his remaining minions, all of which are past bosses that were morphed together. After Rayman defeats the bosses, there is no sign of Mr. Dark. However, he leaves the Great Protoon behind. The harmony of the valley is restored.


The Candy Chateau is a dessert themed level. It is full of delcious treats such as slippery ice cream, chocolate, cakes, lemonade etc.




Don't get lost in the Candy Chateau's delicious scenery, or Rayman will lose some lives!



Candy Chateau's Main Theme:

Version Differences


The lemonade is yellow.

Atari Jaguar

In the Atari Jaguar version the area has a similar appearance but very different obstacles and a totally different level design (e.g. the cream is not slippery). The lemonade is blue.

Sega Saturn

The windows in the final boss fight are shining. After Mr. Dark is defeated the glass breaks and Rayman performs a victory dance. The lemonade is yellow.

Personal Computer

The lemonade is green.

Gameboy Advance

In the Gameboy Advance version Rayman can reenter the level after beating the game already. The lemonade is green.

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