is a recurring character in the Rayman series. First appearing as a boss, he usually helps Rayman by giving him a ride.

Bzzit is similar to another boss in Rayman 1, Moskito.

Rayman 1

Rayman, Bzzit 1

Rayman riding Bzzit in rayman 1

Bzzit (possibly the same character as Moskito from from the level Moskito's Nest), is the first boss in Rayman 1. He is the most basic to defeat, only requiring a simple punch anywhere to inflict damage. During Rayman's first encounter with him, he only has 5 hit points and, when defeated, will give Rayman a ride over Anguish Lagoon. Unfortunately, he might move fast and it's hard to not get hurt by touching the enemies. At some time, he speeds up but it's hard for maneuvering better but you'll be pleased that the place has lots of red spike balls at the top part of the group and you can't get hurt more easily and then he stops speeding and lets Rayman get to the end.

Rayman 2

A mosquito (possibly Bzzit) briefly appears in Rayman 2. He doesn't attack, he only "buzzes" around him for a few seconds if Rayman comes near.

Rayman, Bzzit

Bzzit, following rayman in Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Rayman Revolution

Bzzit plays a larger role in the PS2 remake of Rayman 2. The Teensies tell Rayman he must free Bzzit from a cage in The Bayou (this is the first time he is actually referred to as "Bzzit" in the series), following which he guides Rayman through the second half of the level by lighting the way for him.

After level is over, player can find him from boat at Minisaurus Plains. If Rayman chooses to jump into boat Bzzit will take him to Lost Island, which leads directly to Sanctuary of Water and Ice.

Beyond Good and Evil

A mosquito resembeling Bzzit makes a cameo in this Ubisoft game as an insect that Jade is able to snap a picture of for money. His species is jokingly named 'Raymanis'.

Rayman Origins


Bzzit in Rayman Origins.

Multiple Bzzits returns in Rayman Origins to help Rayman and crew out by flying and shooting, as well as inhaling opponents, with Globox getting saddled by a smaller one that makes him inhale and shoot. The segments play out similar to a 2D on-rails shoot-em-up. The Bzzits appear at the end of the four original worlds, as well as any area marked on the overworld map with a windsock and occasionally appears in secret areas.

Bzzit levels are higly reminiscent of the moskito levels in the original game, with the added shooting element.

Rayman Legends

The Bzzits return in Rayman Legends, albiet as part of the Back to Origins Gallery.