For the level, go to The Prison Ship.

The Buccaneer (a.k.a Prison ship) is where they hold all the prisoners of the world. It is a massive structure that takes three levels to just get from one place to another. The Prisoners on the ships are held in Cages, and Rayman frees them near the end of the game.

The Prison ship is played on in three levels including: The Woods of Light, The Prison Ship, and The Crow's Nest
Rayman, prison ship

An Image of the Prison Ship in 'The Woods of Light' level

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Though it only appears in Rayman 2: The Great Escape and all it copies and remakes, It is one of the min symbols of the Pirates.

In the Missions, Rayman starts off here, captured. He escapes, find Ly, finds the masks, finds Polokus, and eventually finishes back here where he started...


The Prison Ship is also where Razorbeard's office is. After a few levels a cinematic is played of Razorbeard in this office ordering his pirates around. The only time Razorbeard leaves is office is in the last level: The Crow's Nest, where he operates his mighty Grolgoth.

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