Bosses are enemies that require more that just a few punches. These vary from a flying Moskito, to a giant Knaaren named Reflux.

Rayman 1

In Rayman, all the bosses, similar to rayman, had no limbs. They were fought by punching them after their every attack.

These bosses include:


Rayman, Bzzit 1

Rayman Riding Bzzit

Bzzit is the first boss fought in Rayman. He has only 2 attacks: Flying Strike and Sting. His Flying Strike is him zooming from one side of the area to the other. You may punch him while he is doing this. His Sting is him moving normally with his Sting out hoping to hit Rayman. After defeating him, he give Rayman a ride over the Languish Lagoon.

Also, Bzzit briefly appears in Rayman 2 TGE. He is not a boss here but simply flies around.

Bzzit's role is expanded in Rayman Revolution, the Rayman 2 remake, where he is a prisoner in The Bayou. Once freed, he will allow Rayman to travel to The Lost Island from a pier.



An incorrectly coloured Moskito carrying a large spiked fruit

Moskito is the second boss in the game. He is similar to Bzzit but has a darker shade of pink, more life and different attacks. These are: Flying Strike, Small Spike, Medium Spike and Large Spike. His Flying Strike is the same as Bzzit which he flys from Left to Right or Right to Left at a fast speed. In his spike attacks he grabs a spike and carries it across the screen. The first variation 'Small' is a small spike which he tries to drop onto of Rayman, the second is 'Medium' which bounces once or twice and the third "Large" which he never drops but carries across the screen which Rayman has to duck under. Unlike Bzzit, when you defeat Moskito, he doesn't help you, but instead cries.

Mr. Sax

Rayman, Mr. Sax

Rayman fighting Mr. Sax

Mr. Sax is the third boss. He is a giant saxophone with eyes, hands, feet and no limbs. He has two parts. The first is just running from him while the second is the actuall fighting, In the running stage you have to run at a certain speed for the screen is constantly moving. If you stop or go to far forward, you will die. In the second part, he shoots musical notes at you which you have to punch to send flying back at him. When he reaches a lower life, he starts shooting exploding notes which cannot be punched.

Mr. Stone


Rayman fighting Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone is the fourth boss in the game. He has the appearance of a well with a face. While you actually fight him in the last level of the Blue Mountains, he also chases you in the first level of it. His main attacks are mainly boulders which he throws at you which you have to dodge. Another attack of his is his rock-minions who leap at you. These can be killed by your fists. To damage Mr. Stone, you must punch a totem head in the center of the stage. The only way to reach this is to jump on top of the boulders Mr. Stone throws. When Mr. Stone grabs a boulder, you must punch it out of his hands. It will bounce along the ground so you must be careful not to get squashed. After it has stopped, you can on to it and punch the totem. This hit Mr. Stone, making him angry and causing him to rush at you. At the right moment you must jump over him or risk get rammed into. Mr. Stone also destroys the boulder in which you will have to acquire again. After a few attacks he again grabs a boulder which must be punched and jumped onto.

Space Mama

Space Mama is the fifth boss in the game and unlike any other boss, she is fought twice. Her first Fight is her dressed as a pirate. After defeating two hard oppents. she jumps out and starts attacking. Her second fight is a bit harder as she has more life and harder attacks. In the second battle, she uses a rolling pin, bombs and a washing machine.

Mr. Skops

Rayman, Mr. Skops

Rayman fighting Mr. Skops

Mr. Skops is the sixth boss in the game, he appears only in Mr. Skop's Stalactites. Rayman will encounter the beast when it slumbers, and will be forced to hold out a barrage of attacks from him in addition to the threat of rising lava. Once this phase is passed, Rayman must fight Skops one on one in a temple, where he must rebound the deadly beams shot from its tail by shooting his fist at the creature at the right moment in time.

Dark Rayman

Alough Dark Rayman is not fought, he is extremely difficult to defeat. He appears in the second level of the Candy Chateau  and copies Rayman's every move. You must naviagte yourself across a course while avoiding Dark Rayman's fatal touch.

Mr. Dark

Rayman, Mr. Dark

Rayman forced to dodge Mr. Dark's attacks without his ability to punch

Mr. Dark is the final boss. He appears on certain levels in the Candy Choue and causes difficult effects to Rayman like uncontrolled running, reversed controls, and shrinking.

He is then fought on the last level. He is holding Rayman's hands on a rope which he pulls up every time Rayman tries to grab them. He then shoots fire, which Rayman must dodge. After that, some electoons grab Rayman's hands and give them to him, allowing him to fight. He then fights 3 combinations of bosses including Mr. Skops and Mr. Stone, 2 Space Mamas, Mr. Sax and Moskito. After you defeat these, Mr. Dark is defeated and retreats.

Rayman 2

Rayman 2 had a reasonably higher number of bosses than the first Rayman. Some bosses in the game didn't even fight, while others were almost invincible. It also appeared that some of the bosses weren't even alive.

Bosses varied from Rayman 2: The Great Escape and Rayman Revolution (for the PS2).

These include:

The Machine

Rayman, The Machine

Rayman throwing his keg in the air to shoot the bomb

The First boss in Rayman 2 was the machine, though it was not a living creature. It appears in both levels and is easy defeated by blowing up all three spots on its base.

To do this, you have to carry a powder keg all the way to the machine.

Cannonballs are also shot which makes you have to toss the keg in the air, shoot the cannonball, and catch the keg again without missing it.

After the machine is destroyed, you free Ly, the fairy, and she tells you about the four masks of Polokus, you then continue through the level.

The Warship (first encounter)

Rayman, the warship

A Warship, as can be seen in The Pirate Mines/Iron Mountains.

The Warship appears in three levels: The Bayou, The Canopy (not as a boss), and The Precipe. It is sent by Admiral Razorbeard when his servant walks in with news of Rayman's escape.

In the level, it follows you and shoots cannonballs at you and the bridges you walk across. knocking you into the water.

It appears for most of the level before disappearing near the end.

The first encounter or the Warship isn't a hard boss to beat as it does nothing besides following you and shooting occasional cannonballs which are easy blown up and dodged.



Axel with the Stalagtite going thorugh his head.

Axel is a Grolem and the first living boss. He is the first mask guardian which Rayman must defeat. Before you arrive at Axel you must slide down a huge, icy slope. After doing that, you will land away from Axel. He shoots ice shards which you have to dodge. In front of you, there are Purple lums which you must swing across to reach a large stalagtite which you must shoot, and knock onto Axel's head. While swinging, though, Axel will try to shoot you off with his shards.

After defeating him, another purple lum appears which you must swing across to reach another platform with red lums and a yellow lum. Then you follow the path on the bottom to find the first mask.

The Guardian of The Cave of Bad Dreams (a.k.a Jano)

Rayman, Jano

Jano shooting fire at a defenceless Rayman

Jano is the boss fought in The Cave of Bad Dreams. It is his job to watch over all of Polokus's nightmares. Rayman comes here looking for The Elixir of Life, which will restore life to his friend Clark. After rayman learns the name, Jano allows him to enter, saying "I can read you mind, you know the name of this place. You are ready to enter The Cave of Bad Dreams. But, before you come in, I must tell you something... I have hidden a precious treasure inside. You can keep it fore yourself, if you beat me to it. I'll give you a head start, but don't waste any time! If I catch you, I'll show you no mercy..."

Then, after doing the level you are chased by Jano. In this part you slide down an icy slope which you must avoid hitting into the stalagmites with shooting them or dodging them. Jano is right behind you and you can see he fangs with drull dripping down.

Then, finally, after doing that, you arrive on a platform. Jano is across from you shooting fire which you must dodge. Then he shoots a skull which you must hit to stop it and then jump onto it to advance. after doing this for a while you arrive in a cave full of treasure. You can choose whether to take or refuse the treasure. If you take the treasure, a cutscene shows where you are fat, on and island with gold all around you. A message appears saying the end (Rayman can't have the treasure). If you choose to accept then Jano tells you that you made the right decision and gives you the Elixir. The decision between the treasure and the elixir is not available in the PlayStation version.

Spider (Canopy)

Rayman, The Canopy

The spider chasing Rayman at the start of 'The Canopy' level

The Spider appears in dark, shadowy levels, and either makes you run or fight it.

The spider is fought at the very start of the Canopy level. It chases you across it webbing in which you have to climb as quickly as possible and swing on the purple lum.

After you landed, though, you are not safe, as the spider simply climbs onto the platform and continues the chase. Some tips for fighting the spider is: try to get onto the purple lum as quickly as possible since the spider can climb faster than you.

If you are also trying to collect all the yellow lums in the spider part, try to trick the spider into going to one side and quickly swing off to the other side, grab the yellow lum, and get back onto the purple lum.


Rayman, Umber

Umber after being awakened

Umber guards the second mask.

When you first find umber, he is inanimate and not moving.

After going through the level, collecting the spheres and places them on the corrosponding pyramid, than Umber will awake.

Unlike the other guardians, Umber will not attack you. He will instead wait for Rayman to swing onto his head. (Rumors have it that he was vistied by Ly, and asked to help Rayman).

After the act of swinging onto Umber's head, Umber will take you through the lava where you have to jump off before he sinks into the lava. You then take a path up to the second mask.

In the Playstation version of Rayman 2, Umber is simply known as a "Stone Colossus," who after being informed of the damage to the world, is ready to aid and carry Rayman to the Second Mask. It is through his guidance that Rayman learns how to defeat Ninjaws and his Ninja Henchmen.

Ninjaws and the Ninja Henchmen. 

In the Playstation version of Rayman 2, Ninjaws serves as the boss of The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, where Rayman must contend with his ability to disappear and reappear instantly and dodge his attacks effectively in order to gain an opening.

Ninja Henchmen can also be found in The Precipice and The Gloomy Island in this version.

In Rayman Revolution, Ninja Henchmen are seen as Razorbeard's bodyguards, who are deployed to protect the two generators protecting the Pirate Factory, they aren't seen once these generators are destroyed.

In all other versions of Rayman 2, Rayman will encounter one that is equipped with a flamethrower in The Buccaneer. 

The Warship (second encounter)

After more of Rayman's success, Razorbeard's servant again confronts Razorbeard. Furious, he send out the Warship.

In the second encounter, the warship is armed with improved weapons, and 'Red Shells'.

Rayman must wake his way through a very dangerous route in which he can't stop or risk falling with the unstable bridges. The Warship doesn't help with this, with its unstopping fire, removing most of the bridges.

This level has three parts:

The first part involves a simple path of dodging and running in a fast paced route.

The second part gets harder as you have to run in circles up a spiral starway, dodging cannonballs course, with rising water closing up on you.

The final part is freefalling. As much fun as this is, you still have to be careful as cannonballs are shot at you and you can easy miss the bottom.

After all this you fight ninjaws, with the Warship shooting at you, and complete the level.


Exclusive to Rayman Revolution, it is a pilotable mech that has a similar appearance to a Barrel Pirate

Boss Chenille

A more powerful incarnation of the catterpillars seen throughout the game. Exclusive to Rayman Revolution.


The guardian of the third mask. You'll face him Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. While running away from him, he'll shoot fire rings at you. Don't jump while moving sometimes because if you jump some of his fire rings, you'll land in the below the ground. When defeated, a purple lum will appear. You'll be able to shoot it to get to the bridge and get the third mask for Polokus.


The boss of the Tomb of the Ancients level. When you meet Clark, he will be mind-controlled by Razorbeard's Lackey. To defeat him, you must activate three buttons to form a laser for Clark to trip over. When he's tripped over, shoot the device on his back. Keep doing this until the device is destroyed. When the battle is over, break the cage to end the level and move on to the location of the fourth mask.

Grolem 13

The boss in Revolution's version of The Iron Mountains, it requires various of its attacks to be deflected back onto itself to form a deadly storm cloud that will damage it. It guards the final mask in this version, instead of it being uncovered by a Baby Globox.

Grolgoth and Razorbeard

The final boss in Rayman 2. It is a mech that was piloted by Razorbeard.

Rayman 3

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