Bongos are objects from Rayman 1, which appear in Band Land, and have a whole area named after them, called Bongo Hills. Bongos are just a bit bigger than Rayman's head. In the Rayman Advance remake of Rayman 1,
Bongo Chain

A Bongo Chain is beside Rayman

Bongos have bulging eyes, and at the bottom have a brown line with a green zig-zag on it. At the top of the Bongo, there is a curvy line with a pink dot in the middle. The Bongos are tan in color. When Rayman steps on a Bongo, it falls, similar to the Floating Flowers in The Dream Forest. Since this happens, Rayman must be quick and jump off the Bongos.

Bongo Chains

Bongos can be lined up in a row of about three to five. Between two normal Bongos, are skinnier, smaller ones. These are brown with a blue and pink stripe at the bottom. These Bongos also have the pink dot at the top. These Bongos can be put in a big row for Rayman to walk across, although they too will fall when stepped on.

Red Monks

The Red Monks also use the Bongos, see the link above.

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