Rayman 1

The Blue Mountains is the third world in Rayman. The Blue Mountains contains three areas. These Three areas are Twilight Gulch, The Hard Rocks and Mr. Stone's Peaks.Twilight Gulch is a short level and on the second screen Rayman encounters Mr. Stone, the boss of this world. He chases him until he thinks Rayman would be doomed and dissappears. The Hard Rocks is a level full of obstacles that are making it hard for Rayman to pass. Mr. Stone´s Peaks is a long level where Rayman encounters the Musician who needs his help. After Rayman helped him he rewards him with a potion that allows him to fly infinity long but only lasts for two levels. At the end of the level Rayman finds Mr. Stone again. As he recognizes Rayman the fight starts. After defeating him Rayman is lead to Betilla who gives him the ability to run faster than before.


The Blue Mountains is a rocky mountain themed level. Most of it is full of grass and stones. Other than The Caves Of Skops, the fifth area in Rayman 1 it is brighter and the stone is more blue than purple.







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